No Robert you cant just rush a port

Haha speed porting go brrrrrr

Fighting back replaces bopeebo

CategoryGame mod
AuthorRobert boom
Made withOpenFL


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yay he did and it was a joke -[_[•£€


hey Robert you must show your face or you gay racist homosexual retarded and homeless BWA HA HA HA


hey stank, you must not force others to show a part of their privacy in social media, or else ur banned from seeing my ports!

robert is my friend he learned how to port from me so i’m not letting you do this


Then why dont YOU show your face? Are you actually gay but dont want to tell us?

can you port for chromebooks

robert boom, can you port for chromebook pls

or mobile idc which one

well uh,

I’m working on vs tails.exe mobile right now

But I might after it

ok ok

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On March 1st, 3:19 AM CDT, a very shocking news came to us saying robertboom has quit discord. Nobody knows the reason, but this is what he left us.

cuz future Dorito leaked my face and posted a video on your server

pico go brrrrrrrr

This is not that Mario 85

i know