yes I’m back with the port

Chasing replaces bopeebo

Darkness replaces spookeez

Sidekick replaces high

Octane replaces pico

Enjoi the good

CategoryGame mod
AuthorRobert boom
Made withOpenFL


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plus I can’t chart my song if I can’t change it to the ogg


basically this is just psych engine that works for mobile

yo Robert, allow us to download it please or just send me the file in discord, I don’t have a pc to chart my mods and this has a working chart thing so please I beg you my discord is -Just|Spinel-#6708

take so long to load



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Sidekick is boken on ios

what’s wrong?

high is crashing on iOS 

What type of phone do you have?

Also try turning on low quality 

And turn off anti antilsting 

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Don’t wek

what type of phone do u have?

Cuz I have iPhone 8 Plus and it works