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Bay be boop skep do do beeebe (This is not that bad. You did great bro!)

Deleted 136 days ago

yo can you make a tutorial on how to add stages on the psych engine mobile port

I’m having trouble, so uh thank you if you do that.

he usually just replaces the images with different image names, but the same file name

I’m talking about stages, but ok.

(also this is my new account)

Also wanna be friends? I saw you’re channel and I think you’re pretty cool.

You got discord?

mine is Yell038#4307

I had to delete discord because of storage sorry :/

I don't have any social media other than that lol

port mod pack pls

can you port fnf phantasm to mobile 

can you port Fnf Matt wiik 3 to mobile?



Sorry to asked but how to you make these iOS or android ports

use the psych engine ios source code, combine with mod you want code, compile it, host on HTML5

can you give me a link but I’m on iOS how am I supposed to download the source code

Wait im fnfpro19’s follower and he followed me so here’s the link

and you don’t need to download source code and compile it!


wait so combine the html to the mod you want to be ported