YAY THE PORT IS FINALLY HERE (not 2.0 cuz I'm lazy)

He is very tiny

Too slow replaces bopeebo (DONT CLICK ON THE ONE WITH THE GF ICON)

Execution replaces pico (sprites broken)

Milk replaces spokeez (normal only)

Endless replaces high (hard only)

Cycles (TEST) replaces winter  horrorland (hard only)

Cycles may not work (and it’s unfinished)

Sonic.exe and sunky is optimised but that's it (cuz I'm lazy so shut up)

CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorRobert boom
Made withOpenFL

Development log


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Can Someone make this a actual thing into FNF

Wow your rude

Majin sings high

psych engine less go


is high

Ummmmm sonic.exe songs are normal mods songs

Fun is infinite

too slow hard

sonic.exe sings bopeebo


mobile controls option doesn’t work.

it just freezes the game

load into a song then change controls

thanks it works now

you did an actual great job

thank you :)

no problem

I mean it

Android. Only

ohhhhhhhhh ):

I’d does not work and do not say I need a better device I have a iPhone 12 don’t -_-

it works now